The high performance enjoyment of the S-class is derived from the comfort and pleasure of driving

High quality car watching environment, high quality test drive experience, comprehensive and worry free sales consultant only waiting for you.From now on, VIP customers can enjoy multiple gifts: 5 years of full service traffic on the Internet of vehicles for free;The whole system is equipped with “CN95” filter element.8 years 300,000km warranty, 1.5TD engine core parts;You can get a decoration gift package if you order a car for a test drive.All geely models, more 10% down payment, financial discount to up to 8000 yuan;Second-hand cars of any brand and of any age can be replaced at a high price with an extra subsidy of up to 8,000 yuan;Old owners with new customers to the shop to buy a successful car can be happy gift package, the more the gift is more generous;Civil servants, soldiers, faculty, medical care, public institutions, companies can apply for exclusive big customer policy;Bottom-hunting opportunity unprecedented, all the above prices and concessions only for 400 phone, network order customers (not including the showroom natural into the store customers) car booking car hotline: 400-140-2986, value discount prices, super surprise!Wait for you in the store!▲ Address: No. 4-5, Building 1, International Motor City, Jiului Avenue, Jiujiang city/Middle section of Lushan Avenue, Lianxi District (200 meters from Lushan New Town to Weijia

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