Du Fu: There are cuckoos in Xichuan, but no cuckoos in Dongchuan

In ancient poems, the image of cuckoo is often used by poets as a fable of Shu Emperor, zimu, urging more and complaining of spring, etc. But du Fu, the poet saint, reinterpreted the meaning of cuckoo.There are cuckoos in Xichuan, but no cuckoos in Dongchuan.There is no cuckoo in Fuwan and cuckoo in Yun ‘an.I visited jincheng, lu Jinshui.There is a lingering bamboo, towering trees.The cuckoo wails in late spring.I often worship, heavy is the soul of the ancient emperor.One hundred nests, one hundred birds dare not be angry.Still feed his son, courtesy if the supreme.The swan goose and the lamb are courteous.Line fly and kneel breast, knowledge sequence such as know grace.Sages ancient law, and later handed down.You love birds like cuckoos.Now in late spring, I’ve been sick for years.Ill men cannot worship, and tears spring down like water.”I often worship again, especially the ghost of the ancient emperor.When a hundred nests are born, a hundred birds dare not be angry. “Du Fu combined the parasitic phenomenon of cuckoo’s nest with the legend of Emperor Shu, and established the cuckoo’s exalted status.”Still for his son, if the courtesy of the supreme.The swan goose and the lamb are courteous.Line fly and kneel breast, knowledge sequence such as know grace.Sages and ancient rules, fu and later handed down “four sentences write geese flying orderly, brotherhood ceremony;The sheep has the kindness of kneeling down and the ceremony of mother and son.Here are the ancient rules followed by cuckoos and other animals: order of rank and inferiority.Things like this, how can people?The next four sentences “You see the love of birds, like the cuckoo.Now in late spring, I’ve been sick for years.I cannot worship because of sickness, tears will melt like streams of water. “Birds worship, but I cannot bow down because of illness.The rites of the king and minister passed down from generation to generation have been abandoned, and only tears are falling like rain.The last two sentences, in the form of self-criticism, satirize the governor’s disobedience to the king’s orders and self-respect for troop stationing, which is in sharp contrast to the yan Wu of “although restrained and mean, he actually invested in the Central Plains”.A poet’s grief is not like this. A poet’s tears are for himself as well as for his sovereign.The poem was written in 766, the first year of emperor Dali in the Tang Dynasty, two years after Yan Wu’s death.Du Fu saw the cuckoo, can not help but think of yan Wu so food king’s salary, loyal to the king’s loyal and brave courtiers died young, and the heart of the officials do not seek their posts in its position, it is the country’s sorrow, the sorrow of the people.The country is out of order, the building has been tilted, but they can only be as duckwater general powerless, sad not from victory.Through the cuckoo, this poem conveys the ancient rules of etiquette and order, and at the same time, with the tragic image of the cuckoo, it implies that order has been lost, and the principle of the king and his subjects has been destroyed. Du Fu is the first person in ancient and modern times to write this kind of poem.During the Ming and Qing dynasties, there were also some poets who followed suit, all of which were titled “Journey of the Cuckoo”.It was Du Fu’s life experience and inner pursuit that promoted the iteration of the image of Cuckoo in the poem.He, bumpy half life, still do not forget the original intention, worry about the country and the people, really do live in the temple is high worry about its people, in the river’s lake is far worry about its king.Du Fu another “Cuckoo Journey” in the cuckoo is more vivid, pointing directly at Tang Ming Huang Li Longji.Don’t you see the former Shu emperor, into cuckoo like old black.Nesting children do not peck, birds and feed their young up to now.Although with the king and minister have old ceremony, flesh and blood eye body bound gu.Trades hide in deep trees, April and May cry out.Their Lamentations bleed at the mouth, and what are they complaining of?Do you destroy the beginning of anger, shame with feathers, he hurt fools.The sky changes who expected, everything repeated what no.Everything repeated what no, or recall when the temple courtiers hasten.This poem also uses the cuckoo to send nest to bear a child phenomenon to write the ceremony of the emperor and minister, but this ceremony has been for the old ceremony, so there is “flesh and blood full of eyes body confined gu.Trades hide in deep trees, April and May cry out.Its sound of mourning mouth bleeding “, alluding to tang Ming Huang gu danger.Tang Ming Huang lost his position and was replaced.The order represented by the cuckoo in this poem has been broken, and the cuckoo has taken on a sense of impermanence.This is similar to the personnel changes after the shu emperor lost his throne, but few poets use this meaning, du Fu was original.Du Fu also has a poem called “Journey of the Cuckoo”, which was written by Si Kongshu, one of the ten talents in the Grand Calendar. However, through analyzing the image of the cuckoo, I prefer du Fu’s work.In ancient times, Du Yu called Emperor Wangdi, the soul of the cuckoo he Micro-fine.Jump branches and leaf trees, snatch glance transition female with male.Sweater sad black appearance gaunt, birds anken respect.May not habitat house, short he may nest deep plexus.He had to eat a worm.Who said not to feed the young, this language is also sufficient for ignorance.If the voice pharynx pharynx have call, call slightly with the baby.His mouth was dry and bleeding, and he seemed to appeal to the sky.Shu people all stood up at the news, and now 𢽾 legacy of learning effect, is aware of the changeKnow former residence deep palace, wives figure figure such as bonus.After the Emperor of Shu transformed the birds, they were no longer revered because their sweaters were dark and gaunt, and their appearance was coarse and humble, implying that the etiquette was out of order.And the cuckoo who feeds from foraging hard is misunderstood, blood in the mouth.The last two sentences also reveal how things change.The etiquette disorder and personnel impermanence contained in this poem coincide with the previous one “Cuckoo’s Journey”.After reading du Fu’s three poems about cuckoos, I can’t help but feel sad and sigh.Sad is that he also like cuckoo general, for the country for the people, but not understood not reuse.It is a pity that no matter whether the road ahead is good or bad, no matter how bumpy the road ahead, he always stands on the side of national justice and people’s livelihood.Life and death for the sake of the country, not because of fortune or misfortune.Even if repeatedly reduced to the dust, the body such as grass, or do not blame the old master, tirelessly, for the disorder of the country, for the sovereign’s desperate, for the people’s mansion cry.In Australia, there is a bird called the thorn bird, which is very similar to the cuckoo.It will go through hardships, eat wind and sleep, seek thorn trees, just to sing the world’s last sound.When it finally finds the longest and sharpest thorn, it will stab its throat and sing the last song of the world with blood.Like the thorn bird, Du Fu also used his life, with his poems cast an immortal monument.He has been adhering to the “king yao and Shun, and then make the customs chun” benevolent political thought, even to the end of life did not give up.From the youth “will be extremely ling, take in a view of the mountains small”, to the old age of “hard and bitter hate numerous frost temples, down and out new stop drinking cup”, so far the political ideal disillusioned.The place that also yu Xin is good xi, although 9 dead its still did not regret, although be in the last hour of life, he still is looking at home country tears cross stream.Du Yu, Du Juan, Du Fu, perhaps there is a providence somewhere.Now, this golden age as you wish, mountains and rivers sound, mansions, the world is safe.Li Ting, female, graduated from Zhejiang University in Chinese Language and Literature, now lives in Shaoxing, south of the Yangtze River.Like mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, tang and Song poetry and all good things.

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